- Ben and Holly are getting exciting during the Meadow until eventually they might hear giant footsteps, not able to disguise in time; Holly cast a spell onto herself and Ben in order that they mature to the dimensions of ‘Big Men and women’. Soon after seeing that it absolutely was Lucy and her Close friend, Ben and Holly opt to Enjoy with them until they've got to go property.

- The professor invents a cloning device that produces miniature copies of whatsoever It is really used on. Bender places it within himself, permitting him to self-replicate and resulting in lots of pint-sized Bender clones to roam the professor's laboratory.

- In the course of the ending of the show (the music is titled 'Stay With Me'), super deformed variations of the guys are functioning along with the conventional-sized ladies. YouTube video of GTS sightings.

- Papycha tries to offer an artifact to two gorgeous female consumers, at some point demonstrating the Teeny Weeny Wand where the crimson aspect on the wand shrinks something to tiny size and the blue side enlarges the thing back again to usual. Papycha demonstrates the wand through the use of it on Joris.

- Bonnie is attempting out a new flower-shaped hair decoration any time a passing Flabébé, later on uncovered to become owned by a man named Grey and his wife Florence, issues the hair clip for a fairy flower and latches itself on to her head. Given that Flabébé are extremely weak devoid of fairy bouquets, Ash and close friends should got down to discover a new one for it to utilize.

- Peter fulfills Penelope (often known as Pushke in Japan), an infant flower fairy that's unable to fly immediately after her mom died. Penelope rapidly sees Peter Pan as her "mother", which makes him feel really unpleasant.

- Desiree returns just as Danny and Sam go into a fight. Sam unwittingly wishes that she never met Danny which Desiree grants which results in Danny and Tucker not being aware of who Sam is and Danny by no means attaining his ghost powers. It seems that Sam was The explanation why Danny obtained his ghost powers so she now needs to Danny to regain his powers.

- SwaySway and Buhdeuce take in shrink bread and magically shrink to the fraction of their sizing. They try this to stop Rambamboo, Chief of the Tadpolice, but turn out catching a journey on her leg as she jets off to just accept an award.  What follows is usually a classic body journey circumstance which involves them climbing up her leg, producing earwax angels in her ear, and combating off head lice on her scalp.

- Just after hitting them selves having a shrink spell, Seravy and Riiya need to enter Dorothy's castle to retrieve the reagents they should reverse the spell. Not surprisingly, matters Never go as prepared particularly when Dorothy catches them... YouTube video clip of GTS scene. [Cubed Cinder]

- Lola, a completely new female dinosaur, is found, building Lucy content she isn't the only Female any longer. Strange items start happening to your gang with Lola all-around, and it would their explanation not acquire lengthy to realize that Lola is Functioning for Skor.

- Pac-Gentleman is tricked into finding a bottle holding a woman genie who find more guarantees to grant his each and every want, which leads to all of Pac World to in dangered because of the ghosts, as Pac wished they were being out on the netherworld, but she ends up Placing the ghosts on Pac Earth ahead of wreaking havoc.

- In Katie Kaboom's 1st overall look, she discovers the really hard way that her latest boyfriend is an enormous chicken (Rooster Boo to become actual).

- An internet based cartoon starring the Goldfish crackers arrive at daily life. In Each and every 30-second commercial/episode, at certain situations you select the outcome with unique possibilities on The underside in the screen. For the second set of choices in Episode 3, you select what destroys the Goldfishes' castle no matter whether that be described as a 'large,' 'meteor,' or 'flying saucer.

// You will find a lot of scenes in nearly each episode where by Lucy talks While using the elves and fairies, all of whom smaller than her.

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